Saturday, February 10, 2007

KnitOwl chugging along again...

Finished this little rabbit last night, and he's up in the shop. I'm still working on the first alien's embroidery.

Chris: What the wool yarn is for...
This belt is five years old, and needs to be replaced now.

I'm working on a series of photo essays about weaving, to post on our work site. It will take a bit to get everything polished, but what we have so far looks promising!

Two belts warped up and ready to weave.

A beautiful picture Mark took of one of the belts as I started to weave.

Linky Fest: This brought a smile today: Rutabaga Curling at the Ithaca Farmer's Market in Ithaca, NY. Found it at Wikipedia while we were looking up if a swede was a rutabaga or a turnip - it's a rutabaga (also known as a swedish turnip.. btw). [inspired by a fark thread about - Where's the battleship made of carrots?]


Anonymous said...


Maybe the belt needs to be replaced. Maybe.

Nice weaving.

Chris said...

A-ha!!! I'm glad KnitOwl is back. Go, you!

Anonymous said...

Go KnitOwl, Go!!!

mrspao said...

I love your bunny :) Those are great weaving photos. It is so nice that you sound happy.