Monday, February 05, 2007


The weaving is 4" tall now. When it gets over 6 inches, I can 'turn back'
that means mirroring the pattern (as much as humanly possible!) so that it is symmetrical from top to bottom. I really like to work on it when a little bit of sunlight comes in across the workspace -- usually in the midmorning. It seems to me that in natural sunlight I can see things down to the tiniest of details, much better than in artificial lighting. I love to draw 'in a sunbeam' as well ;o)

Busy day today -- lots of things got done! The snow is almost all gone here. In other news - I'm getting things ready to reopen the KnitOwl and friends shop. I need to make and mail Alee's aliens!

Sharing some linkys:
Awesome t-shirt designs from Robert Mars. I love to do this kind of work as well in my art -- structural designs, analogies between structures, symbols and systems. Check him out!

Nooka watches - the strangest and most interesting product change I've seen in a while. You could be staring at one of these on someone's arm for a good while before getting up the courage to ask - "Excuse me, what is that thing? A Watch? Really? COOL! Err.. how do you read it?" Comes in several designs, for even more interesting confusion ;o)

Milly Molly Mandy printmaker's shop I saw when visiting Jhoanna's site - I love this one!
AlthaeaSoaps etsy shop - I love her Yuzu olive oil soap, it smells extremely yummy!


Jennifer said...

Those are interesting watches!

Glad you're reopening the toy shop.

Chris said...

Those are really crazy watches!!

Rhiannon said...


I am so sorry, I have not forgotten you, I have just been overwhelmed. Let me tell you how sorry I am for all you have been going through but am very happy to see you on the other side of your unpleasantness, with someone who seems to fit you so well. You do seem happier, and there is a nice change to your blogging!!

Thank you so very much for the doll, she is even more beautiful and amazing in person then she was in the pictures. I am amazed that you remembered how much I liked her and was pleased to find her in my mailbox.

I will continue to read, but will probably continue to be very absent due to my hectic schedule. In fact I need to rush out of the house to get to class right now.

Good luck, Rhiannon :)

Jeanne said...

Those watches are crazy. The weaving looks lovely. Can't wait to see it done.

Anonymous said...

I love the weaving! I can't wait to see the finished product!