Sunday, February 25, 2007

Doggie Tales

We've been discussing some ways to illustrate some of the funny doggie tales around here. Yesterday we tried out a few different methods in clay and ink.

The modelling clay would work well, especially with a tripod setup and good light. Mark made the bone for the little puppy :o)

My drawing needs to get a little better - trying to get the shape of Blaze's head down is difficult, there are so many angles!


Chris said...

Mr Bill! Mr Bill!!

Lynn said...

I don't think it will take you very long to get the ink illustrations down. Once you find the ones that satisfy you, you will be able to duplicate them.
I like the clay ones myself.
They are just a totally different medium than us bloggers are used to seeing in our blogosphere travels.

Anonymous said...

The clay and ink puppies are so cute!

Mr. Bill. [snorts coffee] Thanks, Chris.