Friday, February 23, 2007

Mouse and her Puppy

Mouse has a puppy... her name is Puck. Since she is so much smaller than the other dogs here, Mouse seems to have adopted her. They go in and out the front door together, play in the woods and attack each other in 'chase' all over the house. Of course, Mouse only plays chase with the puppy when she thinks she isn't being observed.. cat dignity and all...

Way back in September, Mouse already watched over this strange, large and unmannered kitten she has acquired. You can see it on her face here -- "Hrmph. What a task this is!"

We're done playing in the yard, time to come in now!

Puck got smacked back soon after this sequence...

What's going on around these parts: A lot of camera work! That is all part of more sewing for the shop, and listing things on Ebay, and fixing of computer equipment. I am working on my mom's birthday present (which includes knit dishcloths), and sent something out in the mail for my nephew's belated birthday.

The weather has been up and down - very warm one day and bright sunlight with cold wind the next. I'm also learning to drive the stick-shift truck - very different, but so far the transmission is still in one piece! So the days are full and varied, with lots of little pieces getting done on things here and there. My dream bag has five rows left to do before I start to plan what the back will look like.. or maybe I shouldn't plan it at all?

Daffodils in the garden here

Sunset at the lake


Anonymous said...

The daffodils are beautiful.

My dog Emma had a kitten and now that cat, no longer a kitten, thinks she's a dog. Weird.

Jeanne said...

I'm jealous you have daffodils blooming. It's going to be montghs yet before they are blooming here.

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest Mom and baby story & pix in ages!

Pretty photos.

Lynn said...

Wow! We have about a foot of snow and you have daffodils!
We won't get daffodils until May up in the "Great White North"