Tuesday, September 05, 2017


Got some fabric today to make Esme's new shorts, one bandana and one with cute birds on it.  She's told me there is some sort of cooking class at the Dixie this year - but she wasn't that interested in cooking when we tried last... have to take a look at the dates and times.

We had a nice Labor Day potluck sort of thing with friends last night after Esme had a sleepover with their girl the night before.  The girls still get on each other's nerves about half of the time they are together... but then, they are preteen girls.  It seems to be the way of it.  We had a nice talk ourselves with the parents and their relatives, it was a nice 'social' night we don't do a lot of.

Found another place online that returns gift cards for surveys - and that is already adding to the purchase we plan to make in a week or so.  We are finally going to buy Esme a loft bed (and wow, we'll have to put it together) that she has been asking for more than a year.  Then there is the mattress that goes with that and a few little things we've thrown in our cart like a tshirt and a closet organizer for her etc.  The gift cards pare down little bits of the bill at a time, which will make it less expensive to actually purchase it. 

We've started reading 'A Wrinkle in Time'... and Esme was not thrilled with the first chapter but I dropped enough hints and explained that we have to see who Meg and Charles Wallace are before they can start doing all the interesting special things _they_ don't even know they are about to do yet.  So, she kept on listening.  I hope tonight it does start to get more interesting.  She perked her ears at the 'tesseract' idea.. she wants to know more now.

I've been sticking with the fitness tracker - last night was hard because I didn't cook half the things - but I think I'm doing okay still.  I'm getting more exercise during the day, (bike, weights, yoga mat) and that has to help.  I'm not going for immediate weight loss.  I had been trying to reduce sugar for a long time - that is working, sweet things seem so much sweeter now and I want less of them.  It's good to know the ratios of nutrients, fat and protein that is in what I normally want to eat, and making sure I get some exercise in and stretching because there are placeholders daily to report that.  And I'm taking my vitamins, again... which I can feel that difference.

Off to look at the cooking class thing, and then get the fabric and other laundry out of the dryer...

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