Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Super bandito weedwhacker rabbit

Had a workout for my arms weedwhacking today.  I wore a big floppy hat, safety glasses and a bandana to keep the dust and junk out of my nose.  Mark said I looked like a bandit, he hardly recognized me, etc etc  But it was a really good idea - as there was a LOT of stuff hitting whatever little bit of my face was exposed -- it would have been much more without the headgear.

Miss Irene walked with me in town at the park loop.  I also took that chance to use the exercise stations on the walking trail, too.  So I've been able to stretch out muscles I haven't in a long time.  Mark said we should put a trapeze in the kitchen.  Heh.

Kielbasa and bok choy on the stove simmering! 

I found six feet of wall space in Esme's room to move her futon against when we build her new bed.  It is a loft bed with a desk area underneath it.. and it is going to take up the entire wall where her bed is now... I should go check those measurements to make sure there IS enough room there.  Swept all the corners and used the long vacuum cleaner attachment to get rid of all the spiderwebs in that unused corner.  We got one big trash bag of dirty/broken toys and junk and one big bucket of possibly donateable stuff. 

Tomorrow while she is at school I will wash down the floor in there with a mild bleach solution.  Then when she gets home we can get all the tools and Daddy says he is going to watch while we try to build it, and then he'll help tighten down all the nuts and bolts and see if it needs to be bolted to the wall. 

In yoga tonight I did a tripod and half of a bridge... I couldn't get my head off the floor but all the rest of the bridge was there, which is more than I got last time.  Esme tried the tripod and succeeded.  She tried the bridge and didn't... but now she knows why it's hard!  I told her if she can do it now, really good.  If she can do it when she gets a little older - that will be even better.

I had salmon and cream cheese and blueberries for dinner (and felt like a black bear... just kidding).  13 sugars for the day and 52 carbs, 997 calories (at least), and 62% of that was fat (30 percent good monounsaturated fats).   I think I've earned some time sitting on my tail doing my Welsh Duolingo before bedtime.

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