Thursday, September 21, 2017

The bits

I get the day off tomorrow, but we have a birthday party to go to.  I don't have a lot extra to report - have lost some weight with the near-ketogenic diet and I'm just a little away from my goal.  Wondering how to work the carbohydrates back up to maintenance level.. but that will be next week. 

I hope to sew some more shorts for Esme and do some laundry tomorrow while she is at school.  I have a new magazine and am still listening to the e-book.  Had some salmon today with plums and red cabbage in olive oil, as well as an egg.  That was supper, and I did have breakfast and lunch before that.  The plum was SO sweet now that I have not been eating any sugar.  It was almost too sweet to eat until I cooked it with the cabbage and olive oil and a little balsamic vinegar.  I still came out 60% fat today, 24% carb and 16% protein.  It is so easy though to not eat the 'proper' amount of calories because I feel so full. 

More to report after the birthday party!

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