Wednesday, September 13, 2017

tiny bits

Not much, Esme opened a can of green beans by herself with the can opener!  So there is a skill to keep in practice.  Mark got me a left handed can opener once.  It worked really well.  I lost that in the flood in Duluth (I was planning on eating canned food and saving money that way while staying there a few days) so he got the electric one we have now, which I can also use most of the time.  Me vs a regular can opener is sadness... dulled mutilated edges mixed with sharp ragged ones that have paper stuck in everything.

So three weeks into using the fitness thing I have a few good things to report.  I'm drinking some water - although that has more to do with having actual verre glasses instead of plastic ones.  I'm making some time for exercise every day - exercise bike or yoga mat or arm weights.  It's making a difference.  I'm working muscles I didn't remember weren't working well... right up until I started working them.  Then, I remembered.  It's only been three weeks but I do feel like some of my clothing is fitting better - maybe it is, maybe its just wishful thinking.

Continuing with the Welsh - it's tough on the headphones a little because there is a lot of overstatic when they make the breathy noises and I have to turn the volume up high to hear some of the other mutations properly.

Esme has tests this week at school and we have a parent teacher conference on Monday.  I think she's doing well - it's hard to tell.  She's in fourth grade now and they're supposed to do everything on their own with very little prompting.  And not all the students are doing the same work - so just because her classmate had to make a diorama or write a report doesn't necessarily mean she has the same assignment?  I guess we'll see when we go to the conference.

Other than that, just waiting on a real day off.  I close these next few days so its like having a day off that stops mid morning and then I have to get ready and go to work, only to return at the verge of bedtime.   Big changes happening at work, too - in processes and procedures... paperwork changes and computer program changes - new freight processes - have to get used to those, as well as the lovely 'get ready for inventory' kicking up into full gear. 

Meg and Charles Wallace and Calvin have just come through the boundary in 'A Wrinkle in Time'.. Esme had a lot to think about with the description of the crossing of the time boundary.

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