Friday, September 01, 2017

bits of bits

So much rain.  School was cancelled today - which makes a four day weekend for Esme.  I have to go in to work, though.  Hoping the roads are okay.  I actually did get out the yoga mat last night after she went to bed.  I didn't follow any specific routine yet, but just getting over that threshold of taking it out and letting the dog stare at me funny is something.  Nova thought I was being 'puppy' and refused to speak to me about it.. she is the oldest of our dogs and crawling around on the floor is not something she expects or admires in a human apparently...

I've almost got rid of what is in my lungs but the rain just keeps coming, which is no good for it. 

Cut up all the hot peppers last night and roasted them in the oven, put them in oil in a jar in the fridge for making my next batch of soup.  I should take some of that soup to work today as my meal.  I'm just not looking forward to that drive after the hurricane-remnant storms have come through.

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