Thursday, August 31, 2017


I'm really enjoying Stori Tic Toc, the Welsh story telling program on BBC Cymru.  I can understand about half the words now, and more things are making sense to me each time I relisten to one of them.

I made a project to put a magnetic whiteboard on our fridge for all the 'to-dos' I forget to do after I leave the kitchen area.  It's a nice place to put those things that wander out of your mind almost as soon as you think it...  I have a new yoga mat and am going to move the weight lifting things down there, too - to encourage more exercise.  I've saved several beginner routines on my pinterest to try to do more yoga stretching when I have a few minutes here and there.  Little changes add up.

My new sewing pattern came in the mail today for Esme's size shorts and skirt.  I weeded out the things she doesn't wear anymore out of her hang up rod to accommodate the hanging organizer I am going to order with her bed in a few weeks.

Esme's first marks of the year came in, all good, four As and a B.  She says school is very stressful, though - and the boy she shares her locker bay with (her below, him above) is super annoying, whiney and never has anything constructive to say.

Not much other than that... learning  the Welsh, reading another Outlander type book and using the fitness tracker.  There is some big thing coming up at work after the tenth.. trying not to think about what that is about, as it does no good to speculate.

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