Thursday, August 03, 2017


 Went out today and got some pictures of an old barn (see end) for painting later.  Also caught a shot of Callie relaxing on the roof under the cedar tree, and Daphne went for a short jaunt into the lake path with me.

Esme says she is having fun in fourth grade, but the switching classes is hard.  She took a lunch today and is eager to play games when she gets home.  I think she is enjoying Serafina.  I stopped the second installment just BEFORE a scary part last night.. with only the sense of foreboding starting... and she has been wondering this morning what that meant and what was going to happen...

I see this barn often on my drive back and forth from Huntingdon.  I wanted a shot to get the idea of the shadows and the colors.  Mark helped me get one, today.  :) Thanks!

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