Tuesday, August 29, 2017


I'm finding some new resources for Welsh, like Stori Tic Toc on the BBC radio Cymru.  I am understanding more of it.  It is an interesting feeling to hear one or two words at a time that you understand.. and wade through things.  A sentence to remember: 'darllen ar hyd' means 'read along'.

During the thunderstorm the other morning I was repeating after the speaker in the 'Say Something in Welsh' lesson, and getting a fairly natural rhythm on it as it is the second time around, and Minerva dog was very confused.  She kept perking her ears up and walking over to me after I would say some of the sentences, and especially after lightning flashes, and nuzzle my knee and hand and look at me with raised eyebrows.  Minerva usually doesn't do this - so it was very social of her.  She was puzzled I was talking funny during the scary storm *heh*

I've also been using the fitness tracker for a full week now.  I'm still ending up with 30 to 40% fat and much less protein.  It has a nice little bit to the program to track minutes exercised to, to try to meet the weekly standard.  We have the exercise bike downstairs and I've been hopping on for a few minutes at time when something needs to boil, or the washer needs to spin etc.

We're almost to the end of Serafina and the Black Cloak.  Serafina just realized who her mother is, and Esme finds that exciting ;)

Waiting on my pattern to come in the mail.  Tried to get a dental appointment but they are booked up for the next two weeks (on any day I had available).

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