Monday, August 07, 2017


I cleaned up a bit and found ten skeins of KnitPicks fingering wool from when I used to make dolls and horses with yarn hair.  There is over 2,000 yards of yarn there.. in black and brown. I'm trying to put a few more rows on a purple acrylic shawl, too - to get it off the circular needle for whatever I do with that yarn.

I washed up the acrylic yarn rugs I had made for Esme's room and put them back on her floor.  One in front of her bed and one under the chair I have been sitting in to read to her at night.

My foot is healing up well - but I'm trying to stay off of it, too, by reading, knitting, and using my language app.

I'm getting along with the languages, 500+ words in Welsh, 1200+ in French.  Dw i'n hoffi bwyta pitsa :)  J'aime bien manger le pizza.  

Yes, Mark made pizza, tonight.

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