Friday, September 15, 2017

diet bits

I decided to embrace the higher fat lower sugar trend my numbers were showing me in the app - and I didn't even want to eat all the food I had today - which is pretty astounding.  I was reading an audiobook about eating more fat to actually lose weight - and I'll try it for a few days and see if I continue to feel this good or if I need to go back to the simple calorie counter method.  I didn't even make it to my calories today - even with what I planned to eat, which I didn't eat all of.  And I was not starving at lunchtime (like every day for weeks) or snacking when I got home from work. 

I did drink a LOT more liquid.  I was thirsty, and I did a lot of physical work moving large things around at the store.  I got all of my work done for the night and even some of the cleaning I normally do on the weekends.  And I still had enough energy to do exercises at home without feeling like I was about to fall over dead... 50% fat for the day (good fat, from eggs, fish and avocado)  30% carb, 20% protein.  The only sugars I ate today were in the tomatoes, fresh peppers and a half cup of milk.  That was 11 grams for the day compared with the 59 grams they 'allow' me for the day. 

We even had free pastries in the breakroom and I was so full feeling I didn't want to eat my dinner or a pastry - I just drank another jar of green tea and had my dinner at my break much later than I normally do.  I'll see after three days if I want to continue this or go back to the other method which had more carbs.

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