Friday, September 08, 2017

Fitness Bits and a leather jacket

Now we have a weekend - but so many things to do.  I have a store meeting very early Sunday.  On Monday we are helping grandma with the cats.  Today we looked for jackets for Esme as it is getting cold in the mornings.  Mark found a black leather jacket at the outlet store.... adult size small - as in, Esme size... We decided to get it when we got our chicken.  I will have to get a picture soon of her 'coolness' jacket heh.

I still need to sew the shorts - but maybe now they will be more like knee pants.

I have been using the fitness tracker for about two weeks.  There hasn't been a dat that the fat percentage has been less than 35%. There were several days it was nearing 50%.  The reccommendations say 20-35% max for fat in the percentage ratios.  But the calorie count and sugars have been within the goal each day.   That is just the way I eat...  I wonder if my grandmother's Anishinaabe blood has something to do with it.

At least I am getting good exercise and stretching.  I can feel my muscles protesting heh.  Mark points out that I already have a quite physical job - throwing showers, toilets and vanity cabinets around (as well as pipe and boxes of plumbing goods) on a daily basis.  I also do a lot of walking at work, back and forth across the large store over and over and over... but it only works some of my muscles and leaves others with needing more.  The simple routines I've picked out for the yoga mat help get the shoulders and hips more, and the workout moves target specific areas in my arms (small weights) and legs that are not usually exercised by simply lifting and pivoting large boxes.  Considering my abdominals are now complaining to me about the bike and plank combination means I must be getting somewhere!

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