Saturday, September 02, 2017

more little bits

I had a dream early this morning that was interesting.  I was looking everywhere for my Welsh lesson I'm not even sure what exactly I was trying to find, audio or paper or ... but suddenly I stopped and it was like I could tell exactly where it was.  I opened my jacket and pulled on a zipper in my chest and my lesson was inside me all along.  I've never felt this way about a language I've been learning - but it does.. it feels like the Welsh is inside me and I'm being 'reminded' of it.  It's really cool.

I realized I could download the image of a workout routine on my tablet and save it to my gallery and have it downstairs by my mat to refer to without actually loading the pages again.. simple but nice hack.  Esme and Callie cat both like the mat.  Cat, no mat.. get!  I think I said that three times yesterday and had to carry her off protesting each time.

Work is getting even less clear and more tightened up about exactly what minute we can punch in and out.  The robots are taking over... that is the general consensus.  Humans will no longer be in control of figuring out if other humans were 'on time' or not.. it will all be computer recorded.  Oh joy.  Like that has worked so well in the past!

I processed the rest of the hot chili peppers with tomato puree last night to make chili sauce.  It was good (but hot!) with black beans.  Mark had made bacon.  It made a decent dinner.

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