Tuesday, September 19, 2017

menu bits

Continuing with the diet plan - and it seems to be working really well.  It's difficult to plan things that have no sugar and very little carbohydrates - but its definitely not difficult not to eat those things... I don't really want the sweetness.

Esme and Mark can still have all the sugar they want - it's all around me in the house, but about the only thing I'd want is a coconut Hershey's kiss with almonds - which I had one last night before bed.  Even with that yesterday was 15 grams of sugar - less than I used to eat in one breakfast 'cake' which would make me hungry again a few hours later.  I do admit I was very hungry at lunch today - but I went light on the calories the past few days and the avocado and pistachios today helped catch me up.

2/3 cup of coconut milk (unsweetened)
2 tsp of unsweetened cocoa powder
mixed those in a hot cup of coffee and let it combine
ate about a tablespoon worth of walnuts and a slice of swiss cheese with that

1/2 of an avocado
1/3 cup of black beans
2/3 cup of tomatoes
1 tortilla
handful of pistachio nuts
lots of water and coffee

Dinner :
2 brown eggs
a 2 inch square hunk of mozzarella
2 oz of turkey kielbasa (I usually cut the kielbasa into an equal # of hunks based on the weight, Mark did it this time so I tried to guess-timate)
1/2 cup of red cabbage shredded
1/3 cup of green peppers
1 tbsp of good Irish butter
1/4 cup of whole milk in coffee

I cooked the cabbage and peppers and kielbasa together, drained it, added the butter and black pepper to it and then made the eggs and cheese on the side.

 Today the planner said I ended up with 59% fat, 24% carbs and 17% protein.  I almost reached the calorie goal (which is a weight-loss goal of 1 lb per week), and today was 12 grams of sugar for the entire day.  Carbohydrates were 70 grams - and true ketogenic diets are less than 50 grams a day - but I'm not 'doing' true ketogenic - I'm just eliminating as much as I can without having to go out and buy really specialized foods.  I can see the difference.

I work later tomorrow, the past two days have been very early and lots of physical labor at work.  I'll get a chance to cook something tomorrow instead of having to throw things together on the fly.

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