Sunday, January 11, 2015

project bits

I put the greenhouse together, today - and set some soil out that will hopefully be planted with cabbage and lavendar later in the week.  Our geraniums from our experiment a while back are still going... and we have lots of seed for them if we need to replace them before the season is here.  It won't be here till April - yes, I'm jumping the gun..  but I have a seed addiction...beans, corn..and other things.

Esme did a few of her own projects today - a jungle in her room with vines, a well-drawn monkey, and a temple with gems and a robot guarding them with 'traps'... Then she looked up more goat simulator stuff, sucked me into playing for an hour (we got the statue in the storage container hanging from the crane, very hard even as 'feather goat' - I will try go get it 'regular goat' next time, so we can do the robot quest).. and then she made paper tube nunchuckas with Daddy, and he got out his real ones to show her how to do it with hers.

I sat down at the desk and finished out a few tying of ends on knit projects, repaired a pair of pants and two toys, then played with some plastic canvas to make a little desk organizer thing.  It was nice to get a few little things done...

Now Esme is promising she will have lots to do tomorrow and be in a good mood to do it.. we'll see.

Note to myself:  I should make up a few new planes for the shop, orange and white one and green and white one.  

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