Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Monday Tuesday and blue octopus

 I'm at work this week.  Esme got up very early this morning and showed great attitude getting her things ready to go to town.  We are reading Charlotte's Web, and will do another chapter or two tonight after a bit.  Last night after I got home I got into my sewing and reduced the octopus pattern to see how long a smaller one.

 6 inch diameter head and 9 inch original
The blue one is for sale at at the KnitOwl Workshop

Esme and I also tried to make enchiladas tonight.  I know it will take work to 'get it right', but it was very edible.  She ate some - it is like ravioli, but with chicken in it.  I put jalapeno sauce and sour cream on mine and even just one (and a half, because of the edges of Esme's - I made four tortillas worth) was too much food!  I put the other two away for lunch at work.


7.30a    - Town, shopping price comparisons, observing trains
8a    - break
9.30a    - PE (30x 10lb squats, 30x 5lb leg lifts, 20x 5lb R&L curls,
      30x sit ups, 50x jumping jacks)

10a    - vocabulary words
10.30a    - Liberty's Kids (ep 23, 24, 25)
11.30a    - break

1.20p    - vocabulary words discussion
1.45p    - english grammar test app
2p    - Tynker app
2.30p    - break

Charlotte's Web: 'Summer Days' chapter 6 and on..   Listening, recounting story, discussion


9.30a    - Paper Doll construction
10a    - PE (50x 10lb bench, 50x jumping jacks, 30x 10lb squats,
      40x sit ups, 60x 10lb bicurls)
10.30a    - Tynker app
11a    - break

11.15a    - pbskids.org

12.30p    - Liberty's Kids (ep 21 &22)
1.15p    - pbskids.org
1.45p    - Toca Pet Doctor
2.15p    - done

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