Saturday, January 10, 2015


It is the weekend, and I took it off for vacation.  It is our eight year anniversary, and we took it easy all day long.  There was more goat simulator with Esme - lots of quests and watching youtubes to see what the specifics were.  The water unfroze to our bathtub, which made us all quite happy... but Grandma's water is still frozen at her house.

Mark gave me an indoor greenhouse (and I gave him some Amish peach butter, which he says is good), to start our tomatoes and peppers and other things in the next few weeks.  I've located seeds out of our collection that we will try for this year.

I'm looking through bits on Pinterest - so many things that look pretty but there really isn't anything we really 'need' at the moment.  I have a knit blanket I've been working slowly on... a quilt I put a patch on..  We bought some fabric the other day to make a big dog pillow for the couch.

.// Have tomorrow off, too - maybe there will be seed type things then.
Note: There was a very nice nap in the sunbeam through our window this afternoon.  I felt very like our large fluffy orange cat.  Esme said she felt blinded by the sunbeam so she didn't like the idea and kept playing computer -- but it was a little slice of lovely for me....

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