Saturday, January 03, 2015

Bluebird Dress

We went to the roller rink today (in a different dress).  She met one of our friends there, and she also played air hockey against several boys and really held her own.  Her friend tried really hard and was able to walk and skate a little by the end of the three hours!  Esme was really rocking on her skates - the first time she has worn them to the rink.

When I got home I was looking for a project to finish up on... this New Year has gotten me in the mood to want to straighten some things up and make my work areas and projects more productive and not just scattered turf etc etc..  I sort of finished this blue dress months ago, but I hated how it hung on her waist... just too baggy yet I didn't want to take it in because then there wouldn't be any room to grow.  So, I used some leftover ribbon from something and made long ties.  And then I added a little bluebird embroidery to the side of it just to give it something extra for a reason to wear it.

Trying her best to look 'adorable'

shot of the bluebird embroidery

We had a bit of a scare with one of the puppies - but we think he is eating again and does not look quite so pitiful.  We aren't really sure what was wrong, or if it was just circumstances - asleep at the wrong times to get food etc etc...

Tired... have tomorrow off, too....

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