Friday, January 23, 2015



One of the hardest things for Esme is handwriting, and spelling.. and put the two together you get frustration and a struggle to accomplish anything.  But, as I tell her, it will only get worse if she doesn't practice.  So, I enforced a half hour of writing sentences today to -reinforce- capitalization, end punctuation and making a complete sentence.  She complained a LOT, and this is what we came out with.  Toward the end she was actually getting a little better... and she made a joke of 'hat' dog when she knew it was the last one.

She insisted it was torture to write anything...and I told her if she wanted to be a grown-up this was a necessary skill.  She had no trouble at all making her checklist yesterday (well, except spelling lemon).. but curled into a ball and fussed at least three times when I corrected her punctuation.  The huge end punctuation is part of a stalling technique to claim she wasn't done with that sentence because it wasn't dark enough.  //ha   She is a character, always has been...

I have to go into work, and Daddy has more school to do with her later.  We spent the rest of my time for getting ready for work getting her hair washed, making lunch and watching snowflakes fall and puppies wrestle.  Her coleus is starting to come up, so I might show her that in a bit and show her to spray water a mist over them in the greenhouse.

8:30a    - Writing sentences with caps and punct.
9a     - break

10.45a    - gardening / plant maintenance
11a    - weather observation & discussion
11.15a    - copywork
12.30p    - break

1.15p    - Fractions discussion, time addition
1.30p    - pbskids (codebreaker)
1.45p    - PE (200x jumping jacks, 50x 10lb bench press, 40x 10lb

2p     - math stretch app
2.30p    - drawing, reading aloud ("Peace and Quiet")
2.45p    - synonyms worksheet
3p    - done

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