Friday, January 09, 2015

Thursday Friday

We had a field trip today - although it started out with a very bad attitude and we almost didn't go.  Grandma still needed her town run..and we made some adventures out of our other errands.


9a    - making porrdige - boiling water, measuring
9.45a    - Kahn academy math
10.10a    - fractions
10.30a    - break

discussion of responsibilities, learning and planning

11     - ballet videos, terms, discussion
11:15     - break to try dancing out of sight

12:3p - Fabric store, exploring, discussion with Grandma
        Merchants Outlet Mall, money, discussion
1p - break

1:3p - Extension Office, 4H coordinator meeting
1:45p - Auto parts store, exploring
2:00p - break for lunch

3p - Tractor Supply store - exploring,
     asking questions about chickens
3:3p - Helping Grandma unload groceries
       Discussion with Grandma, recap about adventures
       recap to Daddy about day (at home)
4p - done

She had some discussion before bed how she was so glad she got to plan her own schedule for the weekend.  And she was upset because she didn't get any gifts for our anniversary...which is tomorrow.  *sheesh*.. I told her she will get gifts when she gets married to someone someday if she gives one in return and decides to do that.  *grump ensued*

9a    - Reading aloud (Cake Soup), porridge pot
9.30a    - break

10a    - Indian diorama & discussion
10.30a    - reading aloud, many colored caps
11a        - break

12p    - Liberty's Kids (ep 28, 29, 30, 31, 32)
2p    - music
2.30p    - done

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