Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thursday Greenhouse and more


This is the indoor greenhouse that Mark got for our anniversary.  And, now it is in its home at the top of the stairwell where the light is nice and there is a little space for us to work in.  It will be a few months before it is time to start tomatoes and peppers, so I picked up a few things Esme could plant now and watch over in the meantime.

Esme helped me put some dirt I had mixed the other day into the pots, and then plant some coleus and parsley.  The geraniums were from the last 'greenhouse science' we did, and she measured the biggest one and the smallest one and wrote it on the calendar (in the blue folder) with the seed start dates.

Coleus is pretty!
  The seeds covered up with saran wrap to help keep the water in until they germinate in 7 to 14 days.

8.30a    - Gardening, starting seeds, measuring distances
/after we measured the plants, she had to measure herself,and me, and the distance to the ceiling in the room.

9.15a    - writing in diary
9.30a    - discussion of public school
9.45a    - drawing
10.15a    - reading "Charlette's Web" chapter 9
I read - she listened, and kept track of what was happening and guessed at the meaning of words.
--during this time she also played Jungle house with her baby dolls and drew me a very nice black panther with a butterfly on its nose :)  Then I got to the end of the chapter and had to get ready for work.

11a    - break

12.45p    - Electric Company (ep 223, 227)
1.45p    - cooking; measuring spices

2.15p    - done

We'll probably do library tomorrow...

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