Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tuesday Wednesday


8am - long conversation about learning, schools, women's roles in other places in the world, work, what it takes to learn the skills for 'society now' (reading, writing, spelling, math), comparison to her public school experience (extension from talk she started last night)...

We discussed she had to find what she wanted to do and tell us - so we could make 'the days not all boring' (which is what she said when I said today was not a town run day) - but somethings took time and others we wouldn't know she wanted to do until she told us (like the weight lifting, or the rollerskating obsession).

I told her she had choices now, in this time and in America (Liberty's kids came into play here, and talk about China, Japan and women in the military), to learn all things, whatever she wants - if she tells us we will help her explore until she finds what she wants to do.  I said she didn't have to learn just carpentry, or farming because her family did that - she could learn anything.  Then she took the conversation by the tail (as she often does) and said she wanted to learn more farming things.. and came up with wanting to milk a cow and learn how many days a chicken takes to hatch from an egg.  I think I have a lead on a dairy goat farm we can go to - but the cow would be a bit tougher.  We can definitely look into the egg thing.  And she wants to help me more in the indoor greenhouse planting things tomorrow morning 'for school'.. she was so happy the geraniums are still alive.  I brought her home some parsley and coleus seeds to plant.

9a    - math worksheet (greater and less thans)
9.15a    - copy poems
10.15a    - PE (250x jumping jacks, 50x 5lb deadlift, 30x 10lb squats,
      100x 10lb bench press)

10.45a    - building birthday card
11a    - wrapping presents
11.30a    - break

12p    - Liberty's Kids (ep 37, 38, 39, 40)
1.30p    - done


7a    - store & town run, why streets are where they are, etc
8a    - break

9.30a    - copying poems
10.30a    - break

11a    - co-op and bank
11.30a    - break

12p    -
1.30p    - Liberty's Kids (ep 36)
2p    - done

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