Friday, January 30, 2015

Thursday Friday

9.30a    - electric company ep 437
9.45a    - outside PE (5x 500ft laps)
10a    - puppy training
10.15a    - pbskids
10.30a    - dragonbox app (algebra prep)
11.15a    - cooking and nutrition discussion
11.30a    - break

12.30p    - copywork
1.30p    - timed copywork, discussion of paying attention
2p    - break

4.30p    - showing mom dragonbox app
4.45p    - break
5:15    - plant care and maintenance
5:30    - done


9a    - pbskids
9.30a    - kite building and flying
10.15a    - PE (5x 500ft laps)
10.30a    - break

11a    - dragonbox algebra app
11.45a    - pbskids
12.30p    - Electric Company, ep 386 & 391
1.30p    - done

//She wants to build more kites, told her we need to buy some more dowels and have a good windy day.  We also have to try to give the other puppies away...I have the weekend off.

Finished book two of the Rain Wilds trilogy by Robin Hobb.. on to book three soon.
Need to go back and read the Liveship trilogy.

Really glad for a weekend.

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