Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Long long day... we were up at about seven and to the flea market. We gave away one puppy. Then back home, and make lunch, and get ready for work. Then a very long shift - and someone came in to change all the delivery specifics for tomorrows (already pulled and trucked) delivery. So I was kept late... I think I moved about 2,500 lbs of stuff during those few hours. I'm training in a new guy in my department too - although he left before most of that. I think I scared him a little today when I turned a cast iron sink up on its corner and pivoted it down onto a lift truck by myself. In general, I do not look like I can maneuver 150 lbs like that - pick up I can't do, pivot and slide and swing I can and do. I need a t-shirt that says 'Physics, Use the Force.' I really do - maybe with a lever and a fulctrum.

Esme is asleep in her bed after a bath and hair washing. She has school in the morning. Her attitude has been a bit better today. I found pink spiderman toys and they came in the mail. She liked that.

Lots to do tomorrow... first day off of two. I need more pictures - have been lacking in that department lately with all of this going on.

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