Tuesday, September 18, 2012

note slice

Esme has been invited to a birthday party this Saturday. She has been 'expecting' this party for months now, even though I have not told her about it until she has asked. It was about this time last year - so she must have some other cue that she is following for 'G's birthday balloons time'. She keeps telling me she misses her G, even though she hasn't seen her for nearly a year. ?? She may have seen a picture on Facebook or on my computer when she was poking around and been reminded of the event that way. I've grown used to things like that around here, almost. She still gets me 'out of left field' sometimes and I have to work out how she got there.

We bought a small present at the dollar store the other day and she is making her plans how we will give it, but of course, she wants to keep it at the same time. Lessons ;) It is happening at ChuckECheese in the 'big town', and I asked for the day off. I usually do not ask for time off esp. at short notice but after telling my HR exactly why I wanted to be with Esme and how she had been looking forward to it already, she signed off on it. The birthday girl's parents offered to take Esme down there with them and back... but I couldn't say yes to that.

It is their day, and they don't know as much about Esme as they think they do (ha!) Esme doesn't go out with other people often at all, (close to never) so I am not sure how she will behave, or misbehave, for them. Maybe I'm being too protective, but Esme has never been there and has all these big thoughts about the day already -- and the bg's parents have not seen her in a year. They said she couldn't be that much different than G, because they are only a year apart, and G has a temper, too. A lot has changed for Esme in a year, mostly for the better but she still has her 'unreasonable' moments. So, I'm taking her, and hopefully I can arrange more playdates after this so I am more confident myself in how she is with them. She does not want to wait for Saturday for 'kid can be a kid' place though.. she has seen commercials and is excited. She wants to go today. Of course. And she wants G to come to here so she can go to school with her and we can have her birthday now.

She told me last night we would open up the lone dinosaur balloon (it is a purple brontosaurus) and it would fly and have necklaces. Yes, we were going to wrap mardi gras necklaces on it and tie helium balloons to it. I don't plan on getting it ready until Friday.

She also wanted a Barbie cartoon but she wanted the one with the lady cat. I chose wrong - it was the one with the 'kid cat' not the lady... she is getting better at telling me what she wants but I still misinterpret. 'Three Musketeers' has a kid cat - Prince and the Pauper has a lady cat and a boy cat. The lady cat gets caught in a cage. *duh Mama*... Oh well. How am I supposed to keep them all straight when she hasn't seen it in months? She is my kid with that memory, for sure.

I also finished binding Esme's quilt and am now making the inner quilting.

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