Sunday, September 23, 2012


I thought I did nothing much last Sunday - triple that for this Sunday.  I've done laundry and knit a few rows on a pair of slippers.. but other than that most of the day has been spent on Minecraft and shuffling between Esme is doing all day long while drinking coffee.  I can feel the chill in the air, and am glad to not have to be anywhere.  Esme woke up with a cold yesterday morning before we went to the party - it was a bit worse this morning, but since she has been up and about it seems gone for a while.  It doesn't help she is outside playing in the sand in air that I feel is chilly (my northern hackles are gone - it is only 68 out there and I think it feels cold).  Mark and I are both feeling sniffly as well.. he says we can't do that - we already did it this month and our quota is full. 

I have not touched the sewing machine in a week... although I put a handsewn patch on our quilt and did some work on Esme's quilt a few days this week. I did receive two new patterns in the mail recently and should scan them in and put them on my list.

Simplicity 8477 size 7
top and pants pattern c. 1970ish

Simplicity 1503 size 6
coat and dress pattern c. 1940s

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