Saturday, September 22, 2012

off to the big big town

Esme and I are off to the 'big big town' with present in hand for the birthday girl today. I hope she isn't a tried and true girly girl by now - as Esme's present is kind of borderline... Esme loves these things, and some of it is purple - but some still see dinosaurs as a 'boy toy' sort of thing. I heard the theme was Yo Gabba Gabba... so if I am insane and unresponsive for a week, there you go. Just kidding - have to wake her up soon, brush her hair, get us out the door by eight o clock to drive the hour there to be there by nine thirty. I drive slow, so I need the padded time.
Picture the birthday mom sent us from her camera.

NOTE: I did get slightly lost on the wrong exit - but managed to get there on time.  Esme had a great time at the party, and playing at the Chuck E Cheese which she had never been to before. She did very well during the opening of presents when the birthday girl got the one thing she has been begging me for her own birthday -- she laid down on my lap and cried for a minute and wanted to go play. But then the birthday girl opened up Esme's present a minute later - and Esme was sparkling showing her the gift and encouraging her to look further for the other part of it and smiling happy that the girl liked it. Her unhappiness barely rememebered, she celebrated the rest of the openings and then went back to playing the games and heading off home happy. She has been playing all night and is a little upset we are not letting her in our Minecraft games tonight (we both have projects going we don't want her putting her particular spin on) but then she decided to watch Simpsons, have a bath, and watch Simpsons again. Ha...

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