Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Appreciation of those 'normal' things

Mark and I were talking on the way to the flea market, as to what day this is - and that the best piece of journalism he saw on this anniversary of tragedy was this article from Theresa Willingham's Thinking Out Loud A Personal Look Back on September 11th - fishing with Grandpa This lady is speaking about how it should remind us not only of all of the things people normally speak about, tragedy, patriotism, freedom etc.. but also that freedom of 'normal' that still persists in our world and how important and valuable it is, and how difficult it was to achieve and maintain. Although nothing will ever be the same for those who lost loved ones, and the earth is scarred there -- we still have our way of life that a day can be 'normal' and 'banal' and we can go fishing and go to a flea market and give away a puppy to someone for free knowing they will give it a good home. That was what 'they', the terrorists, were aiming to take away from us - our peace of mind to be 'normal' and exercise those freedoms our country was built on. And, we have to remember that and uphold that freedom to 'be' and balance that against 'safety' and other worries so that the worries and rules and burdens of the world are not getting in the way of the freedom.

At first I thought I would not post today, because of the anniversary and how 'normal' our life is here. But after reading that - here is what we did today - we went to a flea market, and gave away two puppies to families who wanted dogs. And I bought a fishing rod. And Esme bought a toy spiderman figurine and a plastic snail. Then we came home and played with some of the puppies we still have, and dirt, and are getting ready to do our weekly grocery run with Grandma.

She is pointing to the goat who is
unseen here but is trying to eat the camera strap

In other news, Esme has school tomorrow. I'll need to wash her hair tonight. She has been a terror to remove from the bathtub several nights in a row, but she is making an attempt to be sweeter when she THINKS about it... but when it is time to get out of the bubbles in the bath her reasonability is exceptionally low.

I finished the yarn blanket for this winter - Mark approves of it, you can tuck toes under it and also pull it over your shoulders at the same time. That is what a year and a half in progress will get you ;) I still have Esme's winter quilt to finish - it will hopefully done in less than a year and a half.

Fiinshed knitting the yarn blanket for this winter

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