Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sinus Wednesday

I stayed home from work today, trying to beat this sinus infection from the wisdom teeth - maybe halfway there but it could turn on me and go the other direction.  Mark took Esme to school and picked her up - did grocery shopping which was very cool.  Esme has had a fairly good day, and the teachers have a busy week planned next week... a field trip and PTA meetings.  She received her IEP progress report and it says she is making 'some to very little progress - more time needed' on things like using proper descriptive words, answering and asking questions and understanding similar and dissimilar characteristics when shown pictures.  That is what they are testing her on to check 'progress'.. but I see progress in other ways and know it is helping.  I can say 'The orange thing above the milk, on the right - no above that.. there you go.'  and she understands (and gets the jello she was claiming was not in there)  instead of staring blankly at me or going into wail mode  What is more - she can give those sort of directions to me sometimes.. getting better -- let's go right Mama. etc.  She has had a hard day - she wanted to go to Grandma's much too late - said it was her work, and she hadn't done it yet.  That made her upset.  Then when I asked her what she wanted for dinner she said she wanted a birthday cake and a present.  *roll eyes*  Not today.  Then she wanted dinner 'not today'.  OK... she did eat all her lunch, and there is a chance she is coming down with some of this as well and I have a cold virus on top of the wisdom teeth infection.  She is asleep on my bed now - after saying she was not tired and did not want to sit on her beanbag chair and did not like the movie I had on and ... then she was passed out.  She has spent most of the past few hours before that playing creative mode on Minecraft.  She even let me have a few naps...  I did get her to eat some cereal before bed - and she was a perfect little lady during 'dinner', talked about how she was doing a good job, and was growing, and used her napkin and ate every last bit happily - got her book, went to bed... I think Mark hit the nail on the head that she was being grumpy because she was thinking Mama was going to sleep and not spend any time at all with her tonight...

I need to make her a new dress sometime this week.  She tore the navy dress with pockets straight across the middle playing on the playground today.  She hid the tear with her hand when I saw it and said 'it was okay - kids did not see in - I put my hand here.'  *roll eyes again*.

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