Monday, September 03, 2012


Esme and I started out the morning on the wrong foot - but then we decided to go fishing at the lake. Daddy strung us an old rod and we went off with a puppy following behind us. Everything was fine until about 10 am, when we heard the other puppies yelping in the woods. The yelping got louder and louder and more high-pitched. Mark had gone to town to get groceries - so I had to come up to the house, change shoes and send Esme to Grandma's house because she was too scared to sit on the porch with the other three puppies. By that time they were still yelping loudly and Mark had pulled back into the driveway. He charged down into the woods and found the puppies on the edge of the dam crying, having tried to follow their mom through the woods and she 'scraped' them off there. Mark walked two miles through the brush and around onto the dam and brought them back out to the road - where I drove him home in the truck. As I said - laborius - for poor Mark. Esme has been good today since we went fishing though.. we had two bites and no fish before that all happened.

Mark says the day can only get more restful from here.
Nope, I have to go to work on a day they are trying to make a Black Friday sale when it really isn't... I need another vacation! And I ask you - isn't this supposed to be Labor Day? Then why do we have all these sales and promotions going on and stores full of people working?

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