Saturday, September 15, 2012

At the verge of the weekend

I put away several of my sewing patterns the other day - I have been tending to leave them out and the pieces get swapped about. It almost felt like closing off -- putting a stop to the making - but it needed to be done to keep everything together. I have the weekend off and want to 'make' but also have been in such a flurry the past few weeks it is hard to sit down and start something. Spiegelstiksels is a blog I found today and it is very inspiring. This lady can sew, and sew well. It is something to aspire to. I received two large bags of fabric from a lady at work as well - which is a further itch towards making things... lovely and kind gesture from Ms.Sharon, it was her mother's stash and she is not a seamstress. She said she knew it would make lovely things she would see in the future on Miss Esme ;) Another blog : Hart and Sew, also lovely.

At the same time I am a little jealous of all of the people who have notion and sewing shops near to them. The closest one to me that is not a Walmart is an hour drive away - that is disheartening if something takes something just slightly different than what is in stash.. and it is hard to always know what you will be needing. I know I have a personal tendency (that is not always a flaw, but sometimes) to charge ahead at those moments with the closest thing to hand and get the project 'done' instead of wait to acquire the proper tool or material.

I think I know what I should do. I should clear and pull out my table and 'turn around' my sewing area. Now that Esme's room is downstairs (which is so nice - especially when she is in her mood she gets and is in at this very moment because I would not let her open a glow stick until it is dark) there is so much more room there. It would give me room to spread out fabric and cut larger things - revitalize the area.

I also need to complete the plan to make Esme a hanger rod in her room - to hang up dresses and shirts and not have them piled on her dresser. That would also help to give a good idea of what is there - and what can be added etc...

Here comes the weekend - let's see what it can bring.

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