Sunday, July 31, 2011

tomato vines hurt when rubbed on cuts and scrapes, who knew?

I was out in the garden and had a tangle in one area with a bean vine that was unexpectedly blocking the path. It left a little scrape across my arm, right in the crook. Then I went into the tomatoes and started picking them. My arm started to hurt right there by the scrape, which had not hurt that bad when it happened. I continued to work, and it still HURT - more and more. I really didn't think that should have hurt that bad. I gave up picking tomatoes and came in the house - washed it off and the soap turned bright green as I washed. When all of the green washed off I put peroxide over the area and the small scrape and an inch to either side of it turned bright red. It is still some bit red an hour later but is going down some. I really think it was an allergic reaction to getting the green tomato vine 'dust' into the wound.

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