Friday, July 08, 2011


Two things that made us go 'uhhh.... whoa hold the phone there!' with Esme the past few days.

We ran out of popsicles the other day and Mark found Esme sitting at the kitchen table with a small frozen apple pie box in front of her and a fork in one hand. She had just given up trying to stab it incessantly and was about to start crying about it. Daddy did calm her down and cook one for her... but she got it out of the freezer herself, knew what it was and understood something was 'wrong' with it but not what was wrong!

She was on my computer and hit the Google icon on my toolbar. She was typing in random letters, hitting the GO button and clicking on random links. YIKES. She has been going through my facebook as well and clicking on people's picture streams and looking at all of their pictures - which is almost all pictures of dogs and little kids, crafts and vegetables etc... and she hasn't done that unsupervised. The Google part was unsupervised as I thought she was just on her Starfall game and didn't dream she was interested in and/or could actually GET anywhere on Google.

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