Sunday, April 01, 2007


The dilemma: I can make really complicated, original creatures. That is an ability, and the end products are very satisfying to have as an accomplishment. However, they take up so many hours, and so much handwork - that it would take me months to create one, then another month to repeat the work to the same quality. Also, the kind of work I do (hand-stitching) isn't something many others are willing to do, or so it seems. Especially complicated >20 pieces projects. Just making a clear pattern on how to make (dragon, kangaroo, etc.) is also difficult when the project is so complex. I also don't like to put out 'lower quality' objects into my shop - but they seem to be the ones that sell. That is, the simpler projects posted more often grab more attention than the strange and complex ones, many months apart.

*sigh* well back to making bird pincushions for the flea market.


Jennifer said...

Well, you can always offer the simpler toys as your "bread and butter" items, and then offer the more complex creatures at a higher price occasionally. You could also offer custom orders for the more complicated pieces, but not actually make them unless they are ordered.

Anonymous said...

I think Jennifer's idea might be the solution for you. Really.

Lynn said...

When I was your age, in 1990, I knitted full Fisherman Knit sweaters with all that cable work.
They were made of hand sheered, carded and spun yarn.
We sold them in an Art Gallery as Art.
Your special pieces should be SPECIAL, and the focus should be for the collectors.

The less complicated work is your retail product.

mrspao said...

I agree with Lynn. The complicated stuff is art :)