Thursday, April 05, 2007

Project Spectrum Yarn

Baby Bee Sweet Delight yarn in 'carousel' colorway

Project Spectrum for April is all about pink, yellow and green. Does this yarn count? We went to Jackson yesterday and I stocked up on some size 1 and 2 dpns* and two skeins of this new yarn. The colours are so bright and the yarn is so soft! I have a plan semi-worked out for what to do with it -- but the circular shawl will still take up most of my time. I tend to pore over yarn catalogs and look at everything - but not buy until I have a good idea what to make with it. This is one reason my stash is still so so small, even after a few months.

About this new yarn - the label says it reccommends a size 10 knitting needle. A size 10! This yarn is just barely thinner (yes, thinner) than average sportweight, imho. I knit up a small swatch with it on size 7 needles and it was loose and gappy enough to make me not want even think about size 10. I'm guessing a size 4 or 5 needle will actuallly satisfy my idea of knitted fabric. However, if it shrinks or fulls a lot when it is washed -- maybe the size 7 would be better? Has anyone worked with (and washed) this yarn before?

I tore out my swatch -- maybe I should reknit it and try washing it with the next load of laundry.

*The size 1 and 2 dpns are to use with the purple and brown yarn in my 'stash' - the same yarn as the circular shawl, in case I have white left over from there I can make some socks etc... After all - I really do enjoy working with the Palette and the small needles, even if it does take forever to finish a project ;)

Other knitters and what they're doing with this yarn:
White Violet used a size 3 needle to make this 12-18 mo. old little girl's dress.
Jan used this yarn doubled to make Baby hat and bootee sets - with a size 7 circular needle.
Alpaca Rose used this yarn to make an afghan - but no word on what needle size, looks like at least 5 to 7.
PearlKnitPurl made a beautiful red camisole out of this yarn - in a small needle size, doesn't say which size.


Home-made Cream of Chicken soup (not condensed)
Pan-cook one skinless boneless chicken breast with a little water, some olive oil, garlic(minced or good garlic powder), pepper and salt until cooked all the way through. Cut up chicken in pan. Add just enough water to cover chicken, and maybe a little more oil. Let come to a low boil and cook for several minutes more.

Turn off the heat to the burner! Strain off all the juice into a cup and save it. Put the cooked chicken in a bowl and keep warm.

Toss a few tablespoons of white flour into the bottom of your pan and add the juice back slowly, stirring to make a roux. Mix well - then slowly add just enough milk to make a soup consistency. Slowly warm the mixture again to a slow boil and add back the saved chicken meat. Add extra spices or seasonings and serve hot.

**Not a low-calorie dish ;o) I used whole milk in my soup. If you don't like the taste of the olive oil, use canola or vegetable oil - you don't need much, about 1 to 1.5 tbsp oil total. Soup serves 2.


Ladeewolf said...

I love this yarn-but you are right it is only a sportweight. Some of the twist colors are worsted weight though. I noticed it when I first bought it and checked the plain stuff against the other. I don't think the buyer actually knew anything about yarn weight, but I still love the yarn-it is so soft. I like it for adult size items too. The yardage on it is great too. I always wait for them to put it on sale.

Jeanne said...

The soup sounds yummy. I may have to try it.

Obsidian Kitten said...

oh yum! i'm so into cream soups lately.

i see so many things knit up on huge needles lately. i think everyone wants stuff that knits up super-fast. basically i guess you just get big gaps between the thin yarn strands? not sure i'd be so crazy about that.