Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Here and There

The needle for the circular shawl came in the mail. I still have a little ways to go before it will fit.

A new bird softie.

We went to the flea market and sold some things. It was a warm, busy day! There were turkeys, peacocks, puppies, goats, rabbits, chickens and even kittens! We only got to see one of the kittens, though - as they were already given away. We spent a little and made a little - to come out just about even. Then we saw a working lathe machine and had to buy that as well. Hopefully we will get to test it out soon and see what can be made with it :) The weatherman says we will be getting 20 and 30 degree temperatures this week with storms. I'm glad we didn't plant more in the garden last week!

A treasure from the past:

illustration from the book 'Three to Get Ready'
Written by Betty Boeghold and illustrated by Mary Chalmers

This was one of my favourite books as a little girl. The story is beautiful and sweet, with the pictures sticking in my head even as an adult. I found a copy of it available on Ebay and ordered it :)

Three little kittens, George, Ginger and Gigi, each get lessons about different 'growing up' things - being 'ornery', selfish, reckless etc.. and Momma cat is there to help them learn their lesson without making the world seem too big and scary. The picture above is about when all three kittens get a ball for their 'three-month birthday' and Gigi the calico takes George's ball. She won't give it back, but she can't play with two balls at once, either. She has to sit and guard both balls while the other two decide to play with Ginger's ball, which makes her very sad and sorry she was so selfish.

Momma cat comforting Gigi after she has said she is sorry.

And some real kitty antics:

Yeller, the outside boy cat.

He says he has a rough life.

Mouse doesn't agree...


Lynn said...

Nice birdie. We don't have good fleamarkets on weekdays.
You got me thinkin about a book I had as a child. I know we have it somewhere......Oh gotta go find it!

Chris said...

Cute bird! And of course I love that first illustration. :)

mrspao said...

I love the sound of that book :) Thank you for sharing it with us!