Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pogo says: Get em' Daddy!

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I nearly fell over laughing after getting this series of pictures. Pogo jumped up into Mark's lap while he was playing Grand Theft Auto and, as a chase ensued, seemed to be saying 'Get em' Daddy!'

I finally got to the point where the circular needle fits!
There were twelve double-pointed needles before switching over.

Oh, and yes, I did go with the red stripe ;o) thanks Susan!

Mark's mother's rose bush bloomed


Jennifer said...

Pogo is such a cutie!

mrspao said...

Pogo is so sweet :)

Obsidian Kitten said...

Grand Theft Auto Pogo--you go, grrl!

and what a glorious rose...

hey, that's some serious knitting going on there. how on earth do you get that done with GTA-Pogo roaring around? (or are the video games to distract her from the knitting?)

Anonymous said...

You're welcome!!

Pogo is just to precious. She's gonna have mad gaming skills!

Lynn said...

I thought that Mark was on flight simulator there and Pogo was the co pilot.

I can see how she would be interested in the screen of Grand Theft Auto though.

If I was a kitty I would like it.
I am glad you have been able to switch to round needles now. It will make your work easier, but you will be missing the natural counters the double pointed needles had become.

Chris said...

That last picture of Pogo is so funny!!!

Jeanne said...

Pogo is very cute. How would Mark have managed without him?