Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sweet Delight - gauging knit

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The colours are starting to stripe vertically!

I'm swatching. Everyone can fall over now in pretend shock. I never swatch. See what I mean, though, about this yarn being a little 'gappy' on a size 7 needle? I hope after I wash the swatch it will tighten up a little.

The facts: On a size 7 needle this yarn, Baby Bee Sweet Delight (wrap) has 5 stitches to the inch and 7 rows to the inch. That is with my knitting, which has loosened up a little - but my knitting used to be terribly tight. Metal needles aren't as bad for 'tight knitting' as bamboo, but that could be a personal quirk.

The fabric, although it is a little gappy, is very soft and light - with a nice drape. I can see why some people were using this for adult and children's clothing, as well as blankets. The colours are striping vertically, but last time I swatched (the one that was ripped out) I didn't notice that. Maybe I hit a 'magic number' in the width. There are 55 stitches on my needle.

You can also see the circular shawl peeking out at the top of the picture -- it is creeping slowly. I've been working on the swatch the last few days, bit by bit, at my computer. Once it reaches ten inches by ten inches - it goes in the washing machine for what luck will have with it ;o)

Link for Later: Knee Socks toe-up. Not sure if I want to try toe ups yet.. but I need a pair of knee highs!


Chris said...

10"x10"??? Wow. that's quite a swatch!

Obsidian Kitten said...

i think the swatch looks great! i'm a pretty loose knitter, though, and have been using a lot of cotton yarns lately on size 6 or 8s, so i'm used to the airiness betw the sts.

nice kneesocks pattern! if you want a top-down kneesocks pattern, the Stitch'n'Bitch book has one.