Sunday, April 15, 2007

Resident Swatch Tester

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Pogo: This thing feels like my kitty mommy's tongue on one side!

Pogo found out she really likes the reverse-stockinette side of my swatch. She blissed out rubbing against it. Between that and discovering how long my hair is now when it is down - she has had a wonderful day. However, last night she tipped over an iced tea glass and nearly scared the life out of herself.

We attempted to go to a 'spring craft fair' in Paris, TN today - but it wasn't much more than a garage sale with high-priced items. So we rented some movies and came back home.

I'm working on a project from MDK and eating lemon pudding. I think the package notice that was in our mailbox on Saturday means my sock yarn is waiting to be picked up at the post office! *cross fingers* yay!


Chris said...

The cuteness of Pogo is nearly painful!!

Anonymous said...

Pogo is really darling! I love that pic of her and ...Kelba? cuddling.

Swatching? My, my, my.

I'm sorry I got so behind on you!

Jennifer said...

Pogo is so adorable.

Lynn said...

It really looks like she is posing for your camera!
Tomorrow I will mail a package for you.
Keep your eyes peeled for another pkg.

mrspao said...

She's gorgeous!