Saturday, March 31, 2007

Flash Your Stash (and WIPs) for April

I saw on Chris' blog that Elspeth at KniTV was having a contest for 'WIP it out' and had mentioned April 1st is Flash Your Stash Day.

Well, here is my stash. Remember I moved in January so this isn't much, but it's everything! All of my currently not-in-use needles and yarn are in the above picture.

WIPs: (and the rest of my needles)

WIP #1: Green Booties

WIP #2: Wool Circular Shawl

The shawl hasn't advanced since the last picture I took of it.
The special needle for it is yet to come in the mail.

Very shocking - I only have two knitting Works in Progress! The pair of green booties for the flea market and the circular wool shawl. There has just been too much going on! Sewing and drawing takes up some of that time, as well. I need to sew a few more items to take to the flea market next Tuesday - so have to set aside some time this weekend for that.

This purple bunny is for a friend who was sad.
He's a little crooked, but gives good hugs.
I should make a few more of him ;o)

New artwork - March 29th, 2007

Note on the Art: The blue and green flowing thing (coming from the figure's mouth and over the rabbit's eyes) is a symbol for 'song / breath / speech.' It does mean 'song' in this instance. It represents the chant song my grandmother sang to me when I was a little girl.


Anonymous said...

Your stash is wee! When I get all moved we'll shop for yarn.

Chris said...

Aw, that bunny is cute!!

Elspeth said...

I'm impressed! I haven't had that small a list in both arenas in a long time!

catsmum said...

my goodness that's a small stash and an even smaller pile of WIPs. I'll make allowances for the fact that you moved recently but really girl you need to go shopping :]