Monday, March 26, 2007

Renovations Complete, mostly...

The work we did for the data center reconfiguration is almost finished - and most of our services are back up and running. I expected it to be longer. It could have been, if more things broke in the moving process. It was a tough day and a half - and quick, considering how big the job was!

I was busy in a crafty way, as well.

Easter basket tag balls or squeeze toys

More 'low-calorie chocolate rabbits' knit up.

Rabbit squeeze-ball (SOLD)

Practice making little shoes!

I'll probably give these away, or pack them away for 'later.' There are a few things about the pattern that need to be perfected, including my technique. I had forgotten how hard it is to make good looking I-cord with fingering yarn!

I found the booties pattern in MagKnits, they are a version of 'Special Socks', the Cinderella version. I think they turned out a tiny bit small, 3 inches long, but not bad for trying out a new 'small things' pattern for the shop.

It was also something I could make with the needles and yarn I already had -- while I'm still searching around for where I want to buy a large circular needle from. Sadly, KnitPicks options only goes down to 4 in circular needles.. and the shawl is being knit on size three. So, a 47" size 3 circular needle sounds like my best bet.

UPDATE: Ordered a 47" size 3 Addi turbo needle from an online shop :o)

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Lynn said...

Knit or Knot has the Addy Turbos in that length. They are a bit expensive but they won't kink or break. They also have ones that are cheaper. Possibly by Pony.

The booties are great! I am doing alot of i-cord these days for my felted baskets and bowls. I am lucky it isn't in fingering weight!

I really like the pillow animals. Love your little tags too!

Chris said...


Hmm, and actually I bet you can use that long Addi to Magic Loop the shawl even before it gets that big...

Anonymous said...

Love all your craft stuff, especially the booties!! They're adorable!

Anonymous said...

Heehee! So much cute stuff in just one post! The booties are adorable and love those little tags too!

Anonymous said...

Cute baby shoes!

Obsidian Kitten said...

you make THE BEST rabbits!

total and utter cuteness.

i love the rabbit balls.