Saturday, March 17, 2007

Here comes the weekend...

Taking it 'easy' this weekend -- hope the weather warms up for some garden work, though! It was nice and sunshiney out yesterday, but the wind was too cold to do much outside. Puck came through her surgery just fine -- she curled up in a ball on the couch for most of the day yesterday. She did scare us a little by going outside and disappearing for an hour after dark -- but one of the other dogs went out and retrieved her.

Kim at Knitten-kittens, I can't comment on your blog anymore :o( The number verification fails every time :o( Still reading though.

'Counsel from Fox' 03/15/2007 12 noon

I am making some progress on this wool 'shawl.'
It will be a gift for someone in November.

Mark took some more close-up pictures of the Singer that turned out wonderful. We were looking at how it actually worked. He also figured out the bobbin winder! The little kit of odds and ends the seller gave us had two different kinds of bobbins in it -- I was trying to use the winder with the wrong type.

The bobbin loop coming up.

The bobbin in its 'bullet-like' case.

Keeping busy with the Ebay store, knitting rabbits, working on my dream bag weaving... there is a lot going on here. My best friend from high school called last night and we had a good talk, also wished her a belated happy birthday from last week.


Jennifer said...

I love the pictures of the vintage Singer! What a nice machine.

Ladeewolf said...

I love the machine too, I have an old Singer in a case-I'm planning on making it into a hand powered model with a turning wheel on the side. Next time the power goes out I'll be ready,LOL! The bobin winder on it is different though. It works really well on electricity, but can be made to work on a treadle or by hand turning.Enjoy the machine.

Lynn said...

You can't destroy an old Singer.
My favorite machine is my old Singer. I have a newer Singer too, but it is fancier, thus more things to adjust.
The new drawing and knitting is looking great!

Chris said...

I hope you had a great weekend!!

Ewe-niss said...

I learned to sew on an old sewing machine like this. It was my great-grandma's. Yours is much fancier than ours. It was fun seeing the old parts of it again. I remember the bobbins and the shuttle (?). I also remember messing around with it and accidentally drove the sewing needle through the nail of my thumb. My brother and I loved peddling it and watching all the parts. Enjoy the machine!