Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Progress on the Wool Circular Shawl

Happy Spring Everyone!

We've been busy around here :o) My November gift is going suprisingly well -- round things usually get 'ornery' on me after they are bigger than a sock ;o)

Size 3 needle, White 'Palette' Knitpicks yarn (100% wool)

It is almost 10 inches in diameter now.

I put a few rows on it every night.

We rented 'Eragon', 'Stranger than Fiction' and 'Blood Diamond' last night. CarrieK, I think you reccommended 'Stranger than Fiction'? Really great movie - although I fell asleep just before the end so will have to watch the end today.

Also - lots of work in the garden yesterday. It will be super-warm out today (77°) and we are also going to start some plants indoors in trays.


Anonymous said...

Wow, size 3s. It looks beautiful.

Jeanne said...

All those double points! You are going to switch to a circular at some point, right? Still jealous of your weather. I will be for at least another month, if not more.

Jennifer said...

It's lovely!

Stranger than Fiction is a wonderful movie. We also have Blood Diamond and will watch it soon.

RheLynn said...

Good question Jeanne - I've been wondering what size (24", 29", 36"?) circular to buy - and if I'll need to change circulars after a while, as well? Any reccommendations, from anyone?

If need be, I can continue adding more dpns for a good while -- the stitches are tight and in no danger of slipping around, so far.

Chris said...

What's the ultimate circumference, roughly? You can squish more stitches on a too-small needle up to a point, but it's hard to stretch too few stitches on a too-long needle...

This is the second recommendation for Stranger than Fiction that I've read today!

RheLynn said...

Chris: Hmm, I'm thinking at least 30-36 inches in diameter -- which (does math) equals about 100 inches in circuference. By that same math, it should be about 31 inches in circumference now... so, wow.. yea maybe I just need to have a monster polygon full of dpns? Suggestions highly requested!

I'm having no problem at all *knock on wood* with this number of dpns atm.. as long as I keep under 40 stitches per needle, everything works like clockwork.

Lynn said...

I give you lots of credit for trying that. I messed up my round dish cloth! It had a similar design too!
I never swore so much on a plane, than trying to do that dish cloth while travelling to Vegas.
It looks so lovely. I be its soft.
I love them when they are done. Soft fingering yarn dropped into its round swoop. Ahh I can picture it now!