Saturday, March 24, 2007

May Be Offline for a few days soon...

We are doing some renovating here and the internet connection may be down for a few days.

Some Etsy Links to look at:
Plush castle playset <-- very nice work!
A dragon knitting pattern for sale on Etsy.
little sewn baby shoes <-- don't look hard to make!
cute little print by blackapple
tiny needle felted rabbit and carrot

Thanks for all your suggestions on the circular shawl - will need to do some ordering, on Ebay perhaps. In the meanwhile, trying a few other little patterns and seeing what I can do with the needles I have.


Chris said...

Y'know, maybe a knitpicks needle set would be the ticket? That gives you a lot of flexibility...

Fun links!! Thanks. And thanks for the heads up. You know how we worry. :)

Knittymama said...

Oh my,that castle set is unbelievable! I was sad it see it already sold. Little Man would have loved it!

Anonymous said...

Circular needles will make your life much easier on the shawl. What if the stitches fell off? Yikes!

I didn't check out the links (I'm so swamped, I'm obviously not even keeping up with my favorite people) but the castle sounds fun.

Take care!