Friday, March 02, 2007

Fiat Bunny

The Rabbit Prototype (aka Cthulu) is finished!

I'm mostly happy with him. Also happy to announce his resemblance to the demony Elder God (<--Lynn: this links for you) has diminished.

As with all prototypes, there are little places you know can be tweaked in the next one.

His legs especially, while they sit nicely, look a bit funny when held like this.

Lynn asked how much time per day I spend on things like crafting, weaving, drawing etc... That depends on the day. We are usually up near dawn here, and working on all number of things. If I had to estimate - I'd say I probably craft for about four hours a day - but that is spread out through the entire day and in-between other things (like waiting for my machine to reboot into Windows or browsing through submitted news articles for my editing job). There is always time to tie a knot in a new needle of thread - or stitch up an arm or leg while reading.

Weaving is a different matter, though. That I usually 'take time out' for, mostly because the frame is across the room from the comptuer ;o) I haven't been working too much on my dream bag - but I have started the back side of it now.

For the drawing - pattern drawing and little sketches can happen throughout the day as well. I might take a half-hour or hour out later on to listen to some music and make one of my random-line drawings, that start in random scratches on the paper, and end up as many figures with symbols between them.

Also: Sorry to hear Blogger has been so awful lately with the comment verification! *growl* I'll see what I can do about that!

Mouse blisses out while getting petted in a sunbeam.


Chris said...

Hee hee - definitey less Cthuluey. :)

Lynn said...

I have the answer to the problem with comments.
One must sign in with their blogger id. The one they use to enter their dashboard. If you have moved over to the new blogger you will have had to open a gmail account to run it. So your gmail address goes in username and then your new blogger password goes in the password spot.
When you sign in it gives your old blogger identity and nick name out to the comment section, like old days.
I hope that helps the folks still having comment problems.

I really appreciate learning how crafters fit the crafting into their day. Today I will go see my friend The Dowser, so I can get her to pick the stones I will use first for my rings. She will feel the energy within the stones and help me pick.

I put about the same amount of hours in as you do. But I have done that switcheroo to staying up late. I love crafting in the cool quiet night by a fire. My imagination soars when it is quiet and I can watch the flames.

Lynn said...

Wow I feel so informed now! I got the wiki and that is so cool!
I like the bunny's legs too.

Anonymous said...

Bunny looks much friendlier now!

Obsidian Kitten said...

love the pics of mouse...

this bunny has the best face ever...i wanna nibble on its cute nose!