Thursday, March 22, 2007

Questions about Circulars...

Good questions! I'd like it to be 30 to 36 inches in diameter to end up with - which means over 100 inches in circumference. So - do I just keep going with dpns (seems to be working okay, stitches are tight) or do I use a circular needle? And, if circular, what size circular needle? I appreciate your insight!

It is so hot out today, comparitively! We planted a tray of tomatoes and peppers, and another tray full of geranium seeds. I hope to sell the geraniums at the flea market in May.

We went for a walk yesterday...

Miss I calls this a 'sarvis' tree -- take a look at who was visiting it!

This tree has a very sweet smell that can be smelled all the way from the doorstep! There were tiny honey bees swarming it as well, but they were too fast to catch on camera.


Anonymous said...

The flowers on that tree are beautiful.

Lynn said...

I would switch to circular.
I would buy a 47inch circular.
There is also a 60inch too.

Rhiannon said...

Using circular needles will make the project much easier and faster. You are also less likely to get the little gap-y ladder thing in between the needles.

If you get size 47 circs, you probably won't be able to fit it on quite yet, but if you only want to buy one set of circs, you don't want to go smaller.

There is nothing harder then too few stitches on circular needles that are too long. I had that problem last week.

Maybe you can buy some circular needles, try the shawl on them and if they don't fit, return for another size??

Jeanne said...

A circular will make your life easier. You might be able to get away with a single 36 inch, which will mean you can switch over to it sooner. The worry there is that you'll have too many stitches at the end. If you bought two, I'd do a 36 and a 60, and switch when the 36 gets too full.

Chris said...

A circular will definitely be easier and faster. I'll bow to Jeanne's mathematical prowess on the length.

Vleeptron Dude said...

Dear Dame RheLynn --

Apologies again for dumping my comments on your knitting blog. I wish you could chat with my S.W.M.B.O., she sheers, she dyes, she spins, she knits sweaters for me that are unimaginably warm and gorgeous -- and I know the names of the sheep they came from!

Thought ya might like to check this out:

Ladeewolf said...

The sarvice trees are very pretty. Is this the one that has berries part of the year. I don't think you are supposed to eat the berries raw-but I think you can make jelly or jam from it. You might look it up to be sure if you are interested. I have never eaten any so I don't know how it would taste.
I would get a 40 inch circular myself, that is what I use for socks and everything else, unless it is a really heavy yarn.