Sunday, March 04, 2007

We Play with Clay (again)

Yesterday we tried our hand at a very simple animation, and had some silly fun doing it. I did the camera work on the animation and Mark moved the little creatures around attacking each other.

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This animation is rated: PG for some clay violence!
Hit 'escape' when finished viewing to stop the animation.

I had just let the big red dinosaur eat one of the other ones....

Mark says: And these go right here.

We used different clay than for the other dog - this stuff was easier to work with and to move, but harder to clean up! It promises to get much more interesting now that we've seen some of the problems with lighting, forming and what our (very simple) software can do with the product.

Thanks for all of the suggestions on what to make for the shop! I have some 'chocolate brown' felt that could make some cute 'chocolate bunnies' with embroidery.

Also: I saw this little bird pincushion today on Etsy. I have some wool felt coming in the mail and really want to make one of these! I currently have no pincushion and haven't had a good enough idea to sit down and make one.

Not perfect, but this is how my version turned out.

A good place to keep pins ;o)


Chris said...

You guys have SO MUCH ENERGY!

Anonymous said...

The animation is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Love the claymation! That looks like so much fun.

Lynn said...

I love the idea! I liked doing my animation of the halloween swap gift.
The bird is sooooo cute!

thursday said...

Cute bird! Red's a great color for him.